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The Key of Kilenya (accessory) is now available for purchase!

Cost: $5.00
Shipping and handling: $2.50
NOTE: Please contact me directly (email me here) for international orders.

Total cost: $7.50
Choose a version (with fake diamonds (great for girls) or without fake diamonds (great for guys. :-)):

The Key of Kilenya

Story behind the key (version in the book):
It was created by a Makalo Patriarch named Onyev who lived on the world Eklaron several hundred years ago. He was approached by two humans - a prince and his princess, Kilenya. They begged his assistance in helping them escape from the tyrannical clutches of the prince's father. Onyev helped by creating two magical keys (one of which is now lost). The Key of Kilenya can open any door anywhere, regardless of locks, spells, or charms placed on the door to keep it shut. Not only that, but it creates links between doors - even doors miles and worlds apart.

We intended this version of the Key of Kilenya to look how we imagined Onyev would've constructed it--hammered, roughly finished metal.

Made from a very durable resin (type of plastic). Can withstand up to 8,000 pounds of pressure (but I don't recommend jumping on it - it's hand painted. :-)). To protect the paint and gemstones, James and his team covered the entire key with an incredibly durable, clear resin, which gives it the slight glossy look. The key is flat on one side.

I've been wearing my version of the key (as a necklace) for about two months. The glossy look went away after a couple of days, but the clear resin is still intact, protecting everything. I get compliments on it all the time. :-)

A few of the steps behind making the key:

First, James had to sculpt an original out of a type of putty:

You can see which part he completed first: the lighter section. He's about to bake the key here so that the darker section will harden.

The original, complete with hole drilled and tongs added.

Then he glued the green key onto a flat surface, boxed it in, and poured a thick mold over it. Several hours later, this mold had solidified, and James was able to remove the surrounding box and key. He then poured the resin (the 8,000 lbs psi variety I mentioned above) into this mold, creating six more keys. The original, green key, has been set aside for safekeeping.

After six keys had been created, James glued them side by side and created another mold (to make it easier to produce several keys at once). He spray paints the mold with a metallic color to give the keys a base coat.

James and his team went through several (many more than this) versions until they found the right combo of paint/ink/etc.

The keys are then hand-painted with a neutral metal color. They then are dry brushed with silver, and a black ink is placed in the low places, to give the key an older look, which I had requested. Then James and his group glue on the diamonds (not real. :-)). The version without diamonds is available for purchase as well.

After the gems and paints are dried, James puts a clear coat over everything to keep it all in place. He adds a hoop through the hole at the top. We decided not to make them into necklaces or earrings because many people wanted them for other purposes, and it simplified the production process.

About two and a half inches long. And so very pretty!

NOTE: Please contact me directly (email me here) for international orders.

Choose a version (with diamonds (great for girls) or without diamonds (great for guys. :-)):

The Key of Kilenya