A Couple More Reviews

I love getting reviews - it's exciting, nerve-wracking, and fun all at the same time. :-)

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Rhonda Lynne Bingham:
The Key to Kilenya is a great read. I felt invested in Jacob Clark by the end of the first chapter and had to read on. The book moved along at a great pace. I read it with my 14 year son and 11 year old daughter and they both loved it. Andrea Pearson did a great job creating another world. Her descriptions and character development were clear and easy to follow along. We are anxiously waiting for the series to unfold. You won't go wrong buying this book. It's for all ages & gender.

The following is a review my dad posted (also on Kindle, and yay for family!):

How can I start?

I LOVE this book. Well, except for one problem I found: It is too short. But being a YA fantasy with a target audience of 12+, which I fall into being in my late 50's, I guess the length is something to be expected.

I have been involved in the writing of this book since nearly the beginning, or at least the beginning of the physical copy when the first drafts were done. I've been a beta reader, and doing that was very cool because I got to watch the book grow from a finished concept, to a finished young-adult fantasy.

The story grabs the reader from the beginning, which has been one of my major complaints with other books. I want to know why I'm reading a book when I start, not 5 chapters into it.

For instance, I love the Fablehaven books by Brandon Mull, but the first one started slow for me. The Key of Kilenya doesn't start slow.

I heartily recommend this book for these reasons:

1. It starts fast
2. It has a main character just about any young (or old) person can relate to
3. It is an easy read with a story-line that makes sense (from a fantasy point of view)
4. It has zero profanity or sexual innuendo
5. It has real families and characters showing families that care for each other
6. It brings the past and present together demonstrating that the author knows where the series is going. It also doesn't make you wonder about some of the main points. She explains things so you understand enough to want more.

And other things I can't think of...

Get this book. You won't be disappointed.