Book Sales for June, 2011

If you're not sure why I'm posting this information, check out my blog post here (it will lead you to this blog again, so don't worry about losing your place).

June Book Sales and Downloads for The Key of Kilenya:
The Key of Kilenya was published on June 28, 2011. By the morning of June 30, 2011, 760 free downloads had been made. I'd only intended for 200 people to get a free copy of the eBook, so even while I was SUPER excited, I scrambled to lift the book to $0.99. I'd say 760 pretty much covers the ARC's (Advanced Reader Copies) any publisher would send out. :-)

Official sales for the month of June:
Total downloads (both free and at the $0.99 price):

(Note for authors: it's totally and completely normal for your book sales to drop after you raise the price. Don't be alarmed or discouraged! Unless, of course, you raised the price too high. :-))

July Booksales:
For the month of July, The Key of Kilenya had 53 sales. This includes the print version (released July 28, 2011, 5 sales) and the ebook version (Kindle, Nook, Smashwords, etc.).

SO AWESOME! I'm so happy the sales didn't drop to only a couple per week, which can sometimes happen with new authors. We rely a lot on people spreading the word, and I'm learning I've got some very loyal readers. Thank you so much for your help and support! I really appreciate it. :-)

August Booksales:
The Key of Kilenya had 70 sales for the month of August. Yay! It's going up! :-)

Update on the print version of my book:
My good friend, BJ Rowley, is typesetting it for me. He has typesetted many, many books before, and I've seen the draft. It is absolutely beautiful! We should have it finished by this weekend and to the printers by Monday. Which means it'll be available for purchase (through Amazon) in a couple of weeks. I'll be sure to make the announcement when that has happened.

This version will not contain any illustrations, unfortunately. James Curwen and I decided not to include them in the first edition, since we didn't have the necessary time to put them all together. There have been so many requests for the book that we wanted to get the first edition out as quickly as possible. We've decided we'll most likely release a special edition of the book in March or maybe in a year complete with illustrations and other fun stuff. :-)

And that's all. :-) Thank you all so very much for your support! I really, really appreciate you for telling your friends/family about my book. :-) It has been especially rewarding and exciting to get emails and messages from readers, saying how much they enjoyed The Key of Kilenya. If you feel comfortable, please post a review on Kindle, Goodreads, Nook, or Smashwords. I'd love you forever if you posted your review on all of them. :-)